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Tutorial | DIY lantern sleeve crop top – Part II

We’ll continue with step 15 of the tutorial to sew your very own crop top with lantern sleeves.

In case you’ve missed the previous parts, you can take a look here:



Lay the two front pieces on top of each other, right sides together. Fold the facing that’s between these pieces upwards, pin and sew the seam beneath the split. This is the center front.

middenvoor stikken



Fold the fabric of the front pieces towards the back so the facing sticks out. Pin and sew the center front seam of the facing.

beleg middenvoor stikken



Turn the facing inside out, and press it flat. Sew the facing to the seams of the bodice on the inside by hand.

beleg omkeren

beleg vastnaaien


Pin and sew the side seams, and finish the edges. Press it open.

zijnaden stikken



Hem the lower edge of the crop top. You can do this by finishing the edge with a serger or one of the other methodes mentioned. Then fold the hem about 1 cm towards the inside and pin. Top stitch close to the edge. I like to use a blind hem foot for this, but the standard foot will do also. Press the seam so it’s nice and flat.




Grab the rectangle you’ve cut out. Fold it by half broad wise. Now create the box pleats by fold the fabric on the lines as shown in the picture. Pin it well. Place the lantern sleeve on top of the upper part of the sleeve, pin and sew. Finish the edge and press it down.

klokmouw aanzetten



Pin and sew the side seams of the sleeves. Finish the edge and press open.

zijnaad mouw dichtstikken



Gather the head of the sleeve by basting a thread along the edge until it fits into the armhole. Be sure to spread the fabric evenly. Pin and preferably baste it together so it won’t budge. Then sew. Finish the edges of the seam.

kop van de mouw rimpelen




And behold your handmade crop top with awesome lantern sleeves!


lantern sleeve top


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Are you going to se this top?


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