Tutorial ellery inspired top

Tutorial | DIY Ellery inspired top

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make the pattern for the Ellery inspired top. I’ve used the Burda 11/2013 #124/125 pattern as a base. This is the same pattern I’ve used to make the lantern sleeve top. But you can use any other loose fitted pattern with a side dart. Transfer the pattern onto some pattern paper and follow along the steps. Using the slash and spread technique, we’ll adjust the pattern and create our Ellery inspired top.


Step 1

We’ll start with the pattern for the sleeves. Measure down 31 cm from the top of the sleeve.  Draw a line and cut the sleeve in half.

diy ellery top tutorial - step 1

Step 2

Take the bottom part of the sleeve and draw 4 parallel lines. Try to spread them evenly across the width of the sleeve. Cut along the lines, starting at the bottom. Be sure to stop cutting a few millimeters from the top, so the parts stay attached to each other.

diy ellery top tutorial - step 2

Step 3

Spread the pieces as shown in the picture.

diy ellery top tutorial - step 3


Step 4

Place the bottom sleeve on a new piece of paper. Draw a semi circle, connecting the bottom pieces. Trace the rest of the pattern to create a new pattern piece and cut it out.

diy ellery top tutorial - step 4


Step 5

Now take the pattern piece for the front bodice. Use measuring tape to measure how low you want your V-neck to be, and mark this point onto your pattern.  Cut the v-neck as shown in the picture.

diy ellery top tutorial - step 5


Step 6

In the previous step we’ve narrowed the shoulder a bit. So we have to do the same for the back bodice. Place the shoulder of the back bodice against the shoulder of the front bodice. Cut a piece from the neckline of the back bodice so the shoulders align perfectly.

diy ellery top tutorial - step 6


Step 7

Because we’ve altered the shape of the neckline, we’ll have to draw a new facing. Again align the bodice pieces shoulder to shoulder, and draw a parallel line 4 centimeters from the neckline for the facing. Transfer this to a new piece of paper. These will be your new facing pieces.

diy ellery top tutorial - step 7


Step 8

We’ll continue with the front bodice. Draw a curved line starting from the side dart towards the hem. Cut along this line. This will be your side panel.

diy ellery top tutorial - step 8


Stap 9

Take the side panel and draw 3 parallel lines. Cut along these lines, leaving a few millimeters attached, so the pieces remain connected. Spread these pieces to create a semi circle.

diy ellery top tutorial - step 9


Stap 10

Trace this shape onto a piece of paper, creating a new pattern piece.  .

diy ellery top tutorial - step 10


You’ve created all the pattern pieces! Use this pattern to cut out your fabric. Remember to add the seam allowance, since it’s not incorporated into the pattern. Sew together your fabric, and you’ve created your very own Ellery top!


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Happy sewing!


Liefs, Brenda

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  1. Inès

    Love your top! thanks for the tutorial. I will try it!


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