choosing a new sewing machine

How to pick a new sewing machine

In previous posts I’ve written about my search for a new sewing machine. This was a very difficult process, which took almost a year. I was a beginner seamstress and didn’t quite know what to look for in a machine, and was overwhelmed by all the options. I finally purchased the Janome Skyline S3, and I truely believe I couldn’t have made a better decision. In this post I want to share with what I’ve learned during my hunt for a new sewing machine, hopefully making it easier for you to pick the machine that is right for you.

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How to copy sewing patterns stress free and easy

If you’ve ever worked with a pattern magazine like Burda or Simplicity, you know how hard it is to copy a pattern. All those tangled lines are a source for headaches. Even though the pattern paper is supposed to be transparent it’s very difficult to see the lines through the paper. And the paper is so thin it rips just by looking at it.