What’s on my playlist – Jazzanova

For the last couple of years I’ve started to appreciate jazz more and more. And jazzanova has had een great deal to do with that. This dj and producers collective form Berlin, Germany, is one of the big names from the modern jazz scene. They’ve produced a lot of chill out music and jazz house, but their nu-jazz and soul tracks appeal to me a lot more.
Little Dragon

What’s on my playlist – Little Dragon

This week’s spotlight goes to a band that’s been at it since 1996, but are still unknown to some: Little Dragon. This swedish band produces electronic music with an eclectic sound, that really can’t be put in a box.

Lion Babe

What’s on my playlist – Lion Babe

It’s been said that, in the music industry, you’re better of as a solo artist or a band, because duos just don’t seem to work. If that’s true, it certainly isn’t the case for the duo in this week’s spotlight: Lion Babe. With vocals by Jillian Hervey and Lukas Goodman on the beats, Lion Babe produces a sweet sound that could be described as soulful hip hop.
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What’s on my playlist

I listen to music all through the day, starting in the car on my way to work. I sing along with the lyrics loudly, and occasionally even bust a move in my car seat. I’m not bothered by the strange looks from the people in cars around me. At the office I continue listening with my head phones on. It’s the perfect way to zone out and concentrate on the task at hand. I really can’t imagine a day without music. Even though mainstream music nowadays is pretty good (hello, Sam Smith?), there’s a lot more music that doesn’t get noticed as much, but really deserves attention. That’s why I’m starting a series with some of those musical gems.