choosing a new sewing machine

On the hunt for a new sewing machine

Five years ago I bought my first sewing machine on a whim. I thought it would be cool to sew scented bags (don’t ask me why), so I stepped in a sewing machine store and came out with a Lewenstein Diana 28.

Lewenstein Diana 28

Super excited I sewed a few scented bags, and then the machine remained unused for years. Untill about a year and a half ago – again on a whim – I decided to sew an African print gathered skirt. And that my friends, is how a new passion was born. I’ve sewn a lot of nice things with my dear friend Diana. She a bit basic, but hey, she was always there when I needed her, ready to get the job done. She’s a bit fickely at times, creating a little threadnest here and there. But truth be told, that could also be my own wrong doing. Bottom line, Diana, she’s okay… But still, I can’t help but ‘lust’ for other machines. I keep thinking about how cool the advanced options on newer, computerized machines must be. I keep wandering around the internet, looking at all those new machines that are out there, to only be intimidated by all those options. But still there isn’t one machine that has absolutely every option I would ever want. Unless I’m willing to break the bank, and I’m not.


brother innovis 15 and pfaff smarter 260c


There are a lot of nice, lower range machine out there: computerized, with lots of stitches, bells and whistles. The Brother Innovis 15, and the Pfaff Smarter 260c for instance. They’re truly lovely and affordable machines. But they do consist of plastic parts, and I’m afraid you will run into the machine limitations when sewing frequently and using heavy fabrics. And I don’t want that. Because then I’d might as well keep my Diana. So I decided to look for a more expensive machine.

After endlessly comparing machines, and loop up reviews I’ve made a top 6:

  • Pfaff Ambition 1.0
  • Husqvarna Viking Opal 650 of 670
  • Janome Skyline S3
  • Brother Innovis 55 of 100 PE.

These machines more or less share the same specs and price range, and they’re all excellent machines that guarantee many years of sewing pleasure. So I went to my local sewing machine store to see these babies in real life. There, they’ve helped my out wonderfully. In a next post I’ll tell you all abut my experience in the store, and if I was able to pick a machine.

Which machine are you currently sewing on? And are you satisfied?

With love, Brenda

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