Catrice velvet matt oogschaduw

Catrice velvet matt eyeshadow

They’ve been available for some time now, the catrice velvet matt eyeshadow. They’re mono eyeshadows and come in six different colors:

010 vanillaty fair
020 pink-up girls
030 jump up and brown
040 al burgundy
050 welcome to greysland!
060 moss wanted color
catrice-velvet-matt- oogschaduw
What I have noticed though, is that there’s is slight difference between the packaging of the different colors. Some colors contain more product than others. Welcome to greysland and vanility fair contain 3,3 grams, while the other colors contain 3,5 grams. They also have flat surface, as the others have a rounded one. On the other hand, the prices are the same, what seems a bit strange to me…
catrice velvet matt verschillend gewicht
Catrice velvet matt vanillity fair en moss
When I first saw them my eyes where mostly drawn to the taupe, brownish color. A very pretty neutral color, perfect for a simple everyday look. So I bought this one first. The quality of the eyeshadow is amazing. It’s very pigmented and buttery. It’s velvety smooth texture causes a bit of fall out though. Even though the name suggests it to be a matt finish, it’s really not. It’s more of a satin finish, I would say. And personally I prefer that over a true matt finish.
The taupe/brown color has become one of my favorite eyeshadows. And because I like it some much I decides to buy the yellow and burgundy color too. The pigmentation of these shadows is equally as good. Even the light yellow is cleary visible on my dark skin, as you can see in the swatches. The color is very pretty when used as brow bone highlighter, and in the tear duct. The burgundy color is a very nice deep dark color which can be used on the lid or in the crease.
These eyeshadows retail for €3,99 a piece, and are well worth the price! Have you tried these shadows, and are you equally as impressed by them as I am?
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