Burda 9/2015 108 109 110 flounce dress

A perfect little winter dress

I’ve always loved wearing dresses. I love the feminine, classy style I associate them with. Since it’s getting colder here in The Netherlands I wanted a dress that would keep me warm even on the coldest of days.

diy ellery top

DIY fashion | Ellery inspired top

One of the nice things about being able to sew your own clothes is that it can save you some coin. If you put some effort into it, you can copy your favorite runway looks for a fraction of the price. And so I created this top inspired by the Lolita top from the 2014 fall collection of the Australian brand Ellery.

burda talbot runhoff dress

DIY fashion | Talbot Runhof meets Africa

It’s full blown autumn here in the Netherlands, and even though I love fall fashion I can’t help but miss the summer. This outfit is my way of looking back, and longing for the summer that’s long gone.

miss etam jasje

Outfit | Black loves white

If you’re like me and can’t part with your summer clothes, it’s good to have some nice jackets and blazers on hand. You can still wear your short sleeved tops and shirt when you throw a cute little jacket on top.

180506-Forever21 F15 3-19e95e-large-1443429123

Grand opening Forever 21 in Rotterdam

On the 17th of october Forever 21 is opening a second store in Rotterdam with 1700 square meters of pure shopping pleasure. The American fashion brand settled on Dutch ground last year, when it opened it’s first store in Amsterdam. Unfortunately Amsterdam is not nearby for me, so I’m very excited their second store will be located in ‘the Koopgoot’ in Rotterdam’s city center.

lantern sleeve top

DIY lantern sleeve crop top

Recently I’ve found a little gem at Zara: A striped crop top with the most perculiar sleeves. They’re called lantern or bell sleeves, I think. It was love at first sight, so I took that gorgeous top home with me. Unfortunately, we had to part ways soon thereafter, since it didn’t fit correctly. I’ve searched their website for the correct size, but it wasn’t available there either. Checking back a week later, to see if they’d restocked, I discovered that they removed the top from the webshop entirely.
white boho dress

Outfit | Bohemian summer

The summer is coming to an end. But last weekend the dutch weather allowed us to enjoy a few more rays of sun, so I put on this white bohemian dress on my way to a birthday/housewarming party.


DIY African print peplum top


The nice thing about African print fabric is that it’s sold in pre cut pieces of 6 yeards. So you can sew multiple items out of one piece of fabric. Earlier I showed you a pencil skirt, and this time I’ll show you a peplum top I’ve made out of the same fabric.

diy ruffle skirt

DIY ruffled pencil skirt

When I saw this pencil skirt in the Burda magazine I knew I had to sew it. A ruffled pencil skirt with a draped detail is totally my thing.