max and more oogschaduw palette

Max & More eyeshadow palettes

Don’t you just love the Action? I simply can’t leave that store without buying something. And it will be no surprise to you that the beauty department is my favorite. On one of my last visits to the store I’ve found these lovely eyeshadow palettes.

Coloured raine matte lip paint

Review | Coloured raine matte lip paint

Who doesn’t know the liquid lip paints from Coloured Raine? These lippies are so sought after, that they stay sold out. Once in a while they’ll restock. But a few hours and a website crash later, they’re all gone again. But I was finally able the get my hands on two colours I’ve been dying to get: Vanity Raine and Raine Fever. I reviewed them for you guys to see if they’re worth the hype.

bourjois rock chick lashes

Review | Bourjois rock chick lashes

I used to not wear false lashes because I thought they looked weird on me. I also had the worst time trying to get them on. But practice makes perfect, so they say. So I keep trying every once in a while. When playing around with false lashes, I like to use cheap ones, so it’s no biggie when I mess them up. That’s why I was very excited to run across these Bourjois falsies at the Action. They had three different sets: An extremely extravagant set with feathers, a set of halve lashes with diamonds, and a spiked lash set. I bought the last one.


Review | Gosh 9 shades New York shadow collection

The cosmetic brand Gosh has been available at the drugstore Kruidvat for a while now. But as far as I know they’ve only had mono, trio and quad eyeshadows. But now they’ve stocked a series of three larger palettes. I’ve tested one of these for you guys.


My favorites – part 1

You’re probably familiar with blogposts about monthly favorites. I usualy enjoy reading them very much, so I figured why not start my own series. Maybe I won’t post them every month, cause I only want to name products I actually love.

Primark sunkissed palette and bronzer

Primark Sunkissed eye palette & bronzer

I’ve been loving neutral eyeshadow lately. Boring? Not not at all! You can achieve glamorous looks with neutral eyeshadow as well. And the Primark Sunkissed eye palette & bronzer is the perfect tool for it.