Hi, I’m Brenda! Blacklovesgold is my little spot on the internet where I hope to inspire others by writing about my love for all things pretty, and being creative.

Even though I grew up with a mom who used to create the most beautiful garments on her sewing machine, I’ve never had the desire to learn the craft myself. But recently I’ve learned this hobby actually fits me like a glove, being a frugal fashionista with a do it yourself mentality. And despite the fact that I’m a bit of a serial hobbyist, I think this new found passion is here to stay! As I embark on this sewing journey, I would love to share the things I learn with all of you guys. And hopefully inspire and encourage you to create pretty things.

Because my interest isn’t limited to sewing or fashion, I also write about beauty, hair and lifestyle for my diva’s on a budget.

Besides writing this blog I have a almost full time job as a web designer/front-end developer, which also allows me to indulge in the pleasure of creating cool things. I’m also a: mother, Surinamese, makeup hoarder, licorice addict, music lover, naturalista, bargain hunter, shy girl and foodie.

I’ve you have questions or comments please let me know! I’m also open to various forms of collaboration. You can email me on info@blacklovesgold.nl or fill in the form below.







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